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Solucore Inc. | A Professional Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm

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The 6-Step Guide To Evaluating Elevator Accidents

Elevators exist in tall buildings to ease the movement from one storey to another, hence making all the areas accessible with the least effort and within the shortest time possible. But just as with any other machines, elevators also have their own shortcomings. They may experience problems due to human or mechanical error, and lead to accidents and injury of the passengers or the structures around it. It is the work of the elevator accident investigation team to make an inquiry to the circumstances leading to the accident, and find the party responsible for the misfortune. Such evaluation is done in the following manner.

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How To Manage The Impact Of Excess Water On Vertical Transportation In Buildings

As a homeowner or an occupant in a building, it is important to understand the dangerous environmental conditions that may affect you and the surrounding structures. For example, if you live in an area which is prone to excessive rain, you should be concerned about the possibility of floods hitting your building.

Excess water may also be as a broken pipe or blocked drainage system. To successfully manage such a scenario and avoid damaging your elevators or escalators permanently, consider engaging the services of an escalator consultant to survey the area and provide clear solutions.

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Understanding and Managing Elevator Accidents

Accidents in elevators can result in painful and catastrophic injuries. Some of them involve someone falling off the elevator shaft, or a mechanic working in the shaft when the elevator mysteriously plunges to work. More common mistakes may occur when someone misses a step when getting into an elevator car, or when the door closes in on someone. The elevator car may also jerk off to a rise or a fall, causing an occupant to experience shock.

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Why Some Elevators Break Down More Than Others

Elevators exist to make our work easier. Going up and down the plain stairs of a twenty-something storey building can be really frustrating without some little help. But these machines can also be quite a headache, especially when they keep getting spoilt all the time. Constant outages can be attributed to the following reasons.

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When Stalled in an Elevator Part Two

Stalled in an elevator is not a place one prefers to spend their time or is prepared for that situation. Escalator and maintenance specification states the necessity and actions to be taken under such...
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Some Elevator Safety Tips Part Three

Use an elevator installation consultant: An elevator installation consultant will help advise you through the process of getting your elevator installed and can help to flag up any potential problems before...
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Some Elevator Safety Tips Part Five

Be still: While the elevator should be able to take the upper limit fairly easily, this upper limit will be designed assuming that everyone riding will be relatively still while they’re inside. Jumping...
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Some Elevator Safety Tips Part Four

As the owner of the building it is important to get a lift consultant to tell you precisely what that upper limit. If they do not, then you will be unaware of how much mechanical strain your elevator actually...
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Some Elevator Safety Tips Part Two

There are many ways to ensure elevator safety which a lift consultant can discuss with you. However, here we will look at a few of the best methods to ensure that your elevators are safe for those who...
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Checklist during Elevator Maintenance

Passenger and freight elevators are powered by either electricity or a hydraulic pump. Because they are used to transport people, elevators must be strictly maintained and in working order. An elevator...
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