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Vertical Transportation Engineering
Solucore Ensure The Best-In-Class Elevator Engineering Analysis

Vertical Transportation Engineering

Vertical Transportation Engineering

Solucore Inc. offers the following vertical elevator engineering analysis using the latest elevator and escalator software and hardware tools:

Elevator and Escalator Traffic Analysis and Simulation

Our innovative and state-of-the-art investigative software allows us to accurately assess your elevator and escalator traffic patterns and gives us the ability to simulate scenarios so that we can devise appropriate ways of reorganizing and re-programming your escalators and elevators to improve traffic flow and increase efficiency of use.

Our traffic analysis software takes into account:


Our system simulator will juggle all of this data to simulate the use of each elevator at specific times of day – so for example we can examine what will happen if one or more elevators are programmed to only stop at specific floors during peak periods so that users travelling in the same direction and to a certain section of floors all are directed to share the same elevator, or perhaps one elevator is designated to stop at floors only on the way up in peak morning periods, or is limited to freight delivery only during off peak hours.

Our simulations will take into account how long it takes for any particular elevator to respond to a call from any particular floor, and the delay involved in waiting for the elevator to arrive,  doors to open, passengers to unload, waiting passengers to embark, doors to close and the ride to begin, etc.

The various optimum scenarios for each elevator are then layered to give an overall idealized map of potential elevator and escalator use.

In our final report we will suggest various scenarios that will streamline the use of your elevators and escalators to maximize efficiency, minimize waiting and ride time, reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of elevator and escalator experience for end users.


Elevator Ride Quality Analysis

The quality of your elevator ride depends on a wide number of variables, some of which are paramount (such as safety considerations) and others that are more superficial (such as décor inside elevator, for example).

Solucore Inc.’s ride analysis takes into account an adaptable range of variables depending on each client’s specific criteria. These include, but are not limited to:


Many of these are very subjective parameters but by talking widely with escalator and elevator users we will be able to establish baseline data which will enable us to make recommendation as to possible improvements that could be made to improve performance as well as user comfort and safety.

We will be pleased to provide further information on request about our elevator and escalator ride quality analyses.

We will also be delighted to talk to you about destination dispatch smart technology elevators which use automation and cutting-edge advanced algorithms to pre-programme your elevators to save time and money.

Under this system, riders enter the number of the floor they wish to access on a touch pad located in the lobby or landing. They will then be pointed in the direction of the next available elevator heading towards their destination. In this way, riders going to the same floor travel together so that the elevator has to make fewer stops and users arrive more quickly where they want to go. At the same time, wait time is minimized, user convenience is maximized and energy conserved, meaning savings for you on your vertical transportation costs.

Destination dispatch smart technology elevators make sense in any building with multiple floors and three or more elevators and is already widely established in Europe and the USA and is now becoming more widely used in Canada.

Please contact our professional and experienced elevator and escalator technicians for further details about destination dispatch or any other of our vertical transportation engineering services by:

Telephoning us on (416) 260-0555 or (905) 206-0555
Emailing us at sales@solucore.com
Faxing us at (905) 206-1996 or (905) 206-1996
Or contact us online.

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