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New York Category Tests Witnessing
Solucore is an approved independent third party agency licensed by the DOB

New York Category Tests Witnessing

New York CAT1, CAT3 & CAT5 Witness Testing

Many local code authorities require third party elevator inspectors to witness annual safety tests that are performed by elevator service providers. In New York, the Department of Buildings (DOB) requires that all elevating devices be tested and witnessed by approved independent third party agencies licensed by the DOB.

Such tests shall comply with the timeframes established as follows:


Building Owner and Manager are responsible under the law for hiring a competent and approved elevator inspection agency to perform elevator and escalator tests, as well as an unaffiliated third party agency (usually an elevator consultant) to witness the inspection.

Solucore is a licensed third party agency that can perform the witnessing of the test to ensure that it is performed properly and in accordance with the elevator code. 

With our extensive support staff, we can complete your third-party code inspections, processing, and filing fees (as applicable) for you.

What are the major benefits of Elevator Witnessing?


To find out more about the role we can play in CAT1, CAT3 & CAT5 tests witnessing, please contact our licensed and fully qualified technicians and engineers by:

Telephoning us on (212) 858-0505
Emailing us at newyork@solucore.com
Faxing us at (905) 206-1996
Or contacting us online.

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