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Solucore Inc. - A Professional Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm
Solucore Inc. - A Professional Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm



April 9, 2023 – Are you a manager or owner of a Canadian building with a gearless 2:1 Turnbull-Dover (purchased circa 2000 by now TK Elevator)? If so, listen up. It’s not always fun to unpack the technical jargon of gearless and 2:1 if you don’t speak elevator, so we’re going to make it easier to understand...
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Elevator and Escalator Safety Code CAN/CSA B44-2019 Two-way Communication Phone System

New Code Requirements Starting August 1st in Ontario! If you have been following Solucore’s posts in an effort to keep your elevators up to date, you’ll know that a new code is on the horizon, and will take effect on August 1, 2022 in Ontario...
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Elevator and Escalator Safety Code CAN/CSA B44-2019

New Elevator and Escalator Safety Code Coming into Effect: Stay informed with Solucore A new safety code is coming into effect for elevator equipment in Ontario. Solucore continues to keep up to date with all safety codes including the current CAN/CSA B44-2010, but these codes are about to change...
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Elevator Reliability

Are you a building owner or manager? If your property is used partially or entirely for residential occupancy, these new regulations could affect you. New regulations will be enforced starting July 1, 2022...
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A Clear and Unified Vision

Your author reflects on a challenging-yet rewarding modernization project in downtown Toronto. All consultants bring a vastly different set of expertise and experience to their work. When you complete a vertical-transportation (VT) modernization specification without a hitch in the midst of a property ownership upheaval that undergoes peer review by four other consultants, you have done well...

Published in Elevator World Magazine - Spring 2021

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Technology and Elevators

If I suggested that technology is quickly taking over the world, and we’ve become utterly dependent on it, you would not be shocked. As a society, we love the convenience of renewing our driver’s license and plate sticker online, shopping for groceries online, paying bills, and sending money in an instant, all from the comfort of our home using our computer...

Published in Condominium Manager Magazine - Summer 2020

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Decline in elevator service linked to changes that put greater onus on building owners for systems upkeep

Elevator consultants often get asked, “What’s wrong with the elevator industry?” It’s apparent that changes in the industry have resulted in lower quality of products and services, but no one seems to understand why...

Contract changes could undermine proposed elevator-repair legislation

As property management professionals may know, Bill 109, the Reliable Elevators Act, passed its second reading, meaning that the proposed legislation is moving closer to becoming law. The act states that in most buildings, if an elevator breaks down it must be repaired within 14 days after the day the contractor first learns of the problem...

Bill 109, What goes up, must go down

There was lot of buzz in the media associated with the introduction of Bill 109, an Act to amend the Building Code Act and protect consumers in respect to elevators and mechanics. The Bill was introduced by Mr...
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Customized Elevator Modernization: Unique Approach for Unique Scenario

CASE STUDY DETAILS: Site: Downtown building Building type: Class B, commercial office building Tenant’s profile: Major tenant occupies six out of 10 floors. Number of elevators: three Type: overhead traction elevators Motor: Direct current (DC) Drive: Motor-generator (MG) set Machine: Otis geared Speed: 350 feet per minute Door operator type: Otis 6970 Door equipment and locks: Otis Cab: Stainless steel front, laminate wooden panels all around and large mirror back wall above the handrail modernized two years earlier Fixtures: Dupar US 89, modernized with the cab two years earlier Floor arrival signal: Hall lanterns and gong...

Published in Published in Canadian Property Management Magazine Apr 2003

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