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Solucore Inc. - A Professional Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm


Elevator and Escalator Safety Code CAN/CSA B44-2019

Changes Coming in 2022

New Elevator and Escalator Safety Code Coming into Effect: Stay informed with Solucore

A new safety code is coming into effect for elevator equipment in Ontario. Solucore continues to keep up to date with all safety codes including the current CAN/CSA B44-2010, but these codes are about to change. The new code: 2019 safety code under the Elevating Devices Code Adoption Document Amendment 295/221.

This new safety code (CAN/CSA B44-2019) is also referred to as the Bi-National Standard for Canada and The United Sates of America. While the USA and Canada’s code integration has been ongoing for years, the 2016 and 2019 codes have been referred to by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) as the Bi-National Standard. There will be major changes taking place.

What are the major changes taking place that you will notice?

1. The phone system will now be required to have a video interface with two-way communication for the people with audibility challenges. The idea is to have a screen that will use text so that the person can reply back with “yes” or “no” answers.

2. The infrared door edge will now be required to work on three dimensions. These devices in the past have been very unreliable in 3D as most of these units are disabled to only work in two dimensions.

3. There is a new requirement to allow the elevators to act as a rescue/evacuation elevator.

What does this mean for your building or business?

If you modernized a parking shuttle or main passenger cars and planned to modernize the remaining elevators in your building in the future, you may want to act quickly and award the work by no later than July 31, 2022.

It is suggested to modernize all of the elevators in your building. That way each elevator retains the same code reference. That way, you have the same elevator code, fire requirement, communication requirement and similar features as the existing elevators, eliminating a whole host of liabilities and headaches for you and your business.

New Safety Code CAN/CSA B44-2019It’s important to note that there are many internal features and capabilities that the elevators will be able to execute with these new changes. These new requirements include using elevators for fire rescue, which increases controller costs. For these changes anticipate an additional cost of approximately $20,000 per elevator in addition to communication and detector edge capabilities costs.

If you modernized the elevators and retained the machine, drive, or did not add floors (for cost saving) this is the time to award the work. On and after August 1, 2022, if you want to add these features that were previously omitted for cost saving measures, the whole system will need to be completely re-modernized, which is costly.

When will these change take place?  

For existing and new elevators being upgraded, any awards given on August 1, 2022 and later, will have to comply with these new requirements. The code reads as follows:

New installations or alteration submissions received on or after August 1, 2022 which were sold while the prior adopted edition of ASME A17.1-2010/CSA B44-10 was (is) in effect may be permitted to conform to the old code if evidence of a signed contract is forwarded to TSSA for review and approval.

The maintenance requirements of Section 8.6 of ASME A17.1-2019/CSA B44:19 are in effect January 1, 2023

How Can Solucore Help?

As experts in the field we can help you upgrade your elevator system and reduce your costs before the code changes. We can also determine if adopting the new code is beneficial for your building.


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