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Elevator Inspection Services New York


Solucore Inc. performs many types of elevator and escalator inspections including:


Routine Maintenance

The aims of our elevator and escalator maintenance inspections are five-fold, namely:

We use our innovative Soludex™ evaluation and benchmarking tool to assess and grade your current elevator and escalator maintenance system. This enables us to identify its strengths and weaknesses and to specify what steps can be taken by your elevator contractor to optimize performance leading to better safety and performance all round.


Technical audits and reviews

The aim of Solucore Inc.’s audits is always tightly focused on providing baseline date and recommendations for upgrading your elevator and escalator components with a view to maximizing safety, efficiency and conserving energy.

During our elevator and escalator audits we:


Equipment Condition Surveys

These are designed to shine the spotlight on the engineering components of your elevator and escalator systems to see that they are being adequately maintained and to highlight the areas that need to be serviced more frequently or even parts that need to be replaced.

We will also suggest ways in which you could:

Our equipment condition surveys scrutinize all mechanical and electrical parts including gear, pulleys, bearings, sheaves, motors, mechanical switches, magnets, relay, carbon brushes (where still in use), and all other intrinsic parts.


Accident investigations New York

When things go wrong you want to find out why so that you can take steps to prevent it happening again in the future.

Solucore Inc.’s independent elevator and escalator inspectors will be able to objectively review the state of your escalator and elevator equipment to find out why your system failed and whether all your mechanical components were being maintained to the best possible standards.

Our qualified and highly experienced technicians can also serve as expert witnesses in conflict resolutions between you and your elevator and escalator installation and/or maintenance company.


Due Diligence Inspections by SoluCore Inc. Company

Solucore Inc.’s due diligence inspections will provide you with the reassurance that your elevator and escalator systems are working safely and to the best of their potential for the protection and comfort of every person who uses your building, and that your vertical transportation systems are being maintained and serviced adequately.

During our due diligence inspections we will consider:

Our thorough and meticulous due diligence inspection procedures will also serve to highlight ways in which maintenance could be improved still further and even point out ways in which your systems could be made even more energy and time efficient, taking into account the needs of those who use your building.

In these inspections Solucore Inc. will provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions regarding the costs and benefits of taking specific courses of action regarding your elevator and escalator maintenance and modernization programmes.


Reserve Fund Studies

Solucore Inc.’s reserve fund studies are designed to clarify the costs involved in non-routine modernization and renovation of your elevator and escalator systems and maintenance programmes so that you can systematically and strategically plan for your future investments. Our reserve fund studies will also give a likely time frame in which such modernizations and renovations will have to take place.


Construction Acceptance Inspections New York

Solucore Inc. is familiar with all the prerequisites of Construction Acceptance Inspections and will meticulously carry out such investigations to the letter so that you can be sure your elevator and escalator systems are safely and proficiently installed and operating in accordance with all legal codes and regulations and to their maximum efficiency.

For more information on Solucore Inc.’s inspections and review of escalator and elevator performance and maintenance, we invite you to contact us by:

Telephoning us on (416) 260-0555 or (905) 206-0555
Emailing us at sales@solucore.com
Faxing us at (905) 206-1996 or (905) 206-1996
Or contact us online.


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