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Vertical Transportation Specifications
In Depth Analysis & Documentation

Vertical Transportation Specifications

Vertical Transportation Specifications

Our elevator and escalator engineers can prepare contract and tender documents (Requests For Proposals) based on prepared specification documents for the following scope of work and more:


Elevator and escalator maintenance

Solucore Inc.’s licensed and highly experienced inspectors will examine your escalator and elevator systems and determine what types and levels of maintenance need to be carried out in order to ensure that:


New Elevator and Escalator Installation

Our qualified and licensed technicians will carry out a comprehensive building audit and survey to determine the type and extent of your elevator and escalator requirements to ensure that your building users will be able to safely, comfortably and efficiently access all levels of your structure whenever they need.

We will comprehensively plan and design the most effective type of elevator and escalator system to suit your purposes, recommending the latest, state of the art technological advances in elevator and escalator design to create vertical transportation systems that are energy and time efficient to minimize your operating costs and maximize benefits and comfort of ride for your specific building users.

We will provide blueprints, component specifications and even elevator bank traffic studies to engineers, architects, developers and other interested parties that can be incorporated into contract bid packages, where appropriate.


Elevator Modernization

Solucore Inc. inspectors will audit your building’s current elevator and escalator installations to determine how you can cost effectively improve and modernize your system so that it becomes more reliable, more comfortable and more energy efficient.

Not only will this make your building more user-friendly to those who need to access its different levels but it could also save you money in the long run by reducing your energy costs which will in turn mean that your structure is more eco-friendly.

To audit the current standard of vertical transportation that your building provides, we will use our innovative Soludex™ system which enables us to evaluate existing elevator and escalator performance and set benchmarks regarding ways to improve reliability, energy efficiency and comfort of ride.

The outcome of our investigations will be a comprehensive and detailed report including specifications and a blueprint for step-by-step modernization procedures that will bring your systems into line with state of the art, 21st century vertical transportation technology.

In some cases it may be that just reorganizing the way your elevators and escalators are used can vastly improve performance.

We will conduct a traffic assessment to see exactly how your elevators and escalators are used and to determine the best ways to organize flow to maximize efficiency – perhaps by dedicating one elevator to freight use only in off-peak hours, or by eliminating stops on some elevators to little frequented floors, such as the basement.


Elevator and Escalator Renovation and Replacement

Just when is it time to replace your dilapidated elevator and unreliable escalator? Obviously this is imperative if user-safety is in any way compromised – but it may also be in your best interests to completely renovate your system so that you can save on operating costs, improve efficiency and breathe new life into your building.

Old fashioned, cranky old elevators are all very well in the movies but when it comes to modern life it is a whole other ball game. Our lives in the 21st century operate at such a fast pace that even the minimal delay can be frustrating, irritating and raise our stress levels exponentially.

That is why it is in your best interests to keep your elevators and escalators operating at their best potential at all times so that your building users can get where they need to go with the minimum of delay and with a safe, comfortable and reliable ride.

Talk to our qualified and licensed elevator and escalator consultants to find out more about the latest innovations in escalator and elevator transportation systems, in particular our expertise in drafting specifications for, and installations of destination dispatch smart technology elevators.  

With destination dispatch elevators, riders use a touchscreen pad located outside the elevator to enter the number of the floor they wish to access. Users heading to the same floor are then directed to the next most appropriate elevator that is pre-programmed to get them to where they want to go with the least possible stops and therefore the shortest delay. Destination dispatch smart technology automates and synchronizes elevators to work together to minimize time spent waiting for an elevator to arrive, shorten the length of the journey and save you energy.

To find out more about Solucore Inc.’s vertical transportation specifications for elevator and escalator maintenance, installation, and modernization, in particular our expertise in drafting specifications for, and installations of, destination dispatch smart technology elevators, please contact our licensed and experienced experts by:

Telephoning us on (416) 260-0555 or (905) 206-0555
Emailing us at sales@solucore.com
Faxing us at (905) 206-1996 or (905) 206-1996
Or contact us online.

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