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Solucore Inc. - Security Statement
Solucore Inc. - Security Statement

Security Statement

Solucore utilizes some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today. When you access our site using Netscape Navigator 4.5 or Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 5.0 or higher, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology endeavours to protect your information using both server authentication and data encryption, in an effort to ensure that your data is safe, secure, and available only to registered Users in your organization. Solucore uses reasonable efforts to ensure that your data will be inaccessible to your competitors. Solucore provides each User in your organization with a unique user name and password that must be entered each time a User logs on. Solucore issues a session "cookie" only to record encrypted authentication information for the duration of a specific session. The session "cookie" does not include either the username or password of the user. Solucore does not use "cookies" to store other confidential user and session information, but instead implements more advanced security methods based on dynamic data and encoded session IDs. In addition, Solucore uses reasonable efforts to ensure that its Web Site is hosted in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from outside intruders.


You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any username and password that you choose or is chosen by your web administrator on your behalf, to access this Web Site as well as any activity that occurs under your username/password. You will not misuse or share your username or password, misrepresent your identity or your affiliation with an entity, impersonate any person or entity, or misstate the origin of any Materials you are exposed to through this Web Site. Furthermore, your access and use of the secured areas of this Web Site will be governed by additional Special Terms of Use and you are strongly advised to review such terms prior to accessing or using those secured areas. If you violate your obligations under this section, you may be subject to prosecution.


Solucore is a professional and knowledgeable company who go to bat for you with your elevator contractor. They have ensured that the elevator contractor is accountable for the work to be completed under the contract while at the same time, ensuring the Ministry guidelines are adhered to. Working with Solucore has been a very pleasant and rewarding experience.

Ruth Armstrong, Property Manager, Northam Realty Advisors L Read all

At Solucore Inc., we value experience and knowledge because there is a discernable difference between practical and theoretical experience.

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As recognized leaders in the industry, we maintain a proactive approach towards growth and technology.

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