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Vertical Transportation Experts
Qualified & Industry Experienced Experts

Vertical Transportation Experts

Vertical Transportation Experts

Solucore Inc. technicians are licensed, trained and experienced mechanics and engineers who have had many years of practice working in the elevator and escalator industries.

We are not only familiar with all the mechanical and technological aspects of elevator and escalator systems, but are also fully conversant with state and federal codes and regulations governing elevator and escalator installation and maintenance, including those contained within the Technical Standards and Safety Act 2000’s provisions for elevators and escalators as well as the safety standards set by Ontario Regulation 851.

Under Regulation 851 you as the building owner are solely responsible for ensuring that all your elevator and escalator equipment complies fully with all relevant regulations and codes.

This is where Solucore experts can assist. We take pride in keeping abreast of all amendments and additions to federal and local building laws, regulations and codes so that we can offer accurate and complete recommendations both for the installation of new vertical transportation systems in buildings under construction as well as adequate maintenance and service programmes for those already installed.

This includes ensuring that elevator machine equipment room guarding is adequately designed and fully operational according to the specific site requirements of the building in which it is located. For this we follow both the Safeguarding of Machinery Standard Z432 as drawn up by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) guidelines and adapt them to fit the individual circumstances of each building and its specific hazards.

In the past elevator machine equipment room guarding standards were not as strictly enforced as they are today and we still find some building owners who attach less importance to this than might be wise. You may not be aware that fines for non-compliance with ensuring adequate elevator machine equipment room guarding are imposed for each elevator in operation, even if they share a single elevator machine equipment location, so fines can quickly add up.

In short, we strongly recommend that you do everything you can to comply in full with all elevator and escalator codes and regulations since this not only ensures the safety and security of your riders but also reduces your liability in the event on any unexpected incident. Solucore Inc.’s professional team is here to guide you to ensure your contract fulfills to the full their maintenance and service obligations.


Independent elevator consultants and analysts

Solucore Inc.’s highly qualified elevator and escalator experts are also available to provide the following services:


The types of services we offer are completely separate from the services of your elevator or escalator company and maintenance contractor.

Our role is to provide a third party opinion to confirm (or not) that your contracted company is installing and maintaining your equipment to meet the required safety regulations, codes and guidelines in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and the terms of your contract with your contractor.

There is no conflict of interest between our services and those of your contracted company since we ourselves rarely carry out maintenance and servicing work (in fact, only when public safety is at risk and repairs have to be made immediately to avoid accidents).

Instead, we make recommendations as to the specific maintenance and servicing work that needs to be carried out to bring your elevators and escalators up to required safety standards, and then inspect the work once your contracting company has carried it out.


Conflict Resolution

We can assist in conflict resolution whenever there is disagreement between you and your contracted elevator or escalator company. If you are concerned that your contractor is not adequately maintaining the elevators and escalators in your building or if you are in some other way dissatisfied with your contractor’s work then contact us to carry out an inspection to give you piece of mind.

In the event that we do find a problem we can advocate on your behalf to ensure that your contractor rectifies the issue immediately or faces potential liability in the event of any unforeseen accident or incidents.

We also work independent of all elevator and escalator manufacturing companies and so can provide third party information as to whether your escalators and elevators are performing according to your expectations and the manufacturer’s description.


Expert witnesses

In the unfortunate circumstances that your elevators or escalators are involved in an accident we will be able to determine the root cause of why your systems failed and suggest the correct maintenance measures that need to be taken to ensure that they get up and running again safely and according to all legal codes with the minimum of delay.

If the accident was due to negligence by your maintenance company who did not follow the specified routine maintenance and repair schedule, we can advocate on your behalf as expert witnesses to say that you took all the necessary steps to try to ensure that your vertical transport systems were maintained properly and according to code.

This means that the maintenance company will likely be found liable not only for the costs involved in repairing your elevator and escalator systems but also for medical and other costs arising from injuries to people who were riding on your elevators or escalators when the accident occurred.

To find out more about the role we can play as expert witnesses, in conflict resolution and as inspectors advocating on your behalf, please contact our licensed and fully qualified technicians and engineers by:

Telephoning us on (416) 260-0555 or (905) 206-0555
Emailing us at sales@solucore.com
Faxing us at (905) 206-1996 or (905) 206-1996
Or contact us online.


At Solucore Inc., we value experience and knowledge because there is a discernable difference between practical and theoretical experience.

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