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Top 3 Signs Indicating That An Elevator Has To Be Replaced

If your office or residential building has an elevator that gives the impression of being slightly worn out, then it is probably the time you had it repaired or replaced. Nevertheless, there could be a number of things holding you back from making all that important call to have your problematic elevator repaired or replaced.

lift maintenance contracts

To start with, business operations in your building might be affected depending on the number of elevators installed. There could also be protests from elderly or physically challenged individuals that depend on the problematic elevator to move from one floor to another. Whichever the case, a problematic elevator has to be replaced at one time or another for the safety of all users. With this in mind, here are some sign that your elevator require to be replaced:

Regular break downs 

When an elevator fails to work, or its doors keep on failing to open or close, or there are multiple floor malfunctions in a given week, then the machine is on the way to its end. The most prominent sign that your elevator requires to be replaced is regular break downs in a given week. Regardless of how many times you have it looked at or repaired, your elevator is in a hopeless downward spiral, and hence is best replaced than repaired. By accepting this eventuality, you can be able to finally put the machine out of its misery and start searching for a replacement. 


If your elevator is always stopping a little above or below the floor, then this is an authentic sign that its brakes are all worn out. This is normally referred to as mid-leveling. This process happens over time and might not be noticeable in the beginning. Nevertheless, when the brakes starts to significantly wear down, there is a more noticeable impact, with the elevator stopping several inches lower than on the floor it is supposed to stop. This normally happens as a result of heavy usage among other things. Mid-leveling is a prime sign that the elevator brakes require to be fixed and the entire machine inspected. For acute mid-leveling, the only way around the issue is to have the whole braking system replaced or even the entire machine itself.

Slowing down

If you notice a sudden change in the speed of your elevator, then you might as well start thinking about having the machine replaced. Tear and wear in an elevator is significantly increased by abuses such as overuses. By overusing your elevator, you are only quickening its death. So when you notice the speeds significantly slowing down, make sure to have the machine inspected for immediate action. And while at it, start asking the buildings patrons to take the stairs so as to reduce unnecessary strain on the machine, or prevent the possibilities of an accident. 

Preventing elevator operations from becoming worse

While elevators are incredibly safe machines, and that come with a lot of back up mechanisms to prevent accidents, both residential and commercial building owners must adhere to regular inspection and maintenance schedules. These are all mandated by law and must comply with a list of requirements that range from posting no smoking signs in them to reporting accidents to the relevant authorities. All in all, substantial fines are levied for elevator inspections violations. 

In conclusion, all cities require all residential buildings to have lift maintenance contracts with service providers approved by relevant building authorities. The liabilities of lift malfunctions are so great that building owners cannot afford to have just about any servicing firm performing the required maintenance. Building owners can choose from among three general kinds of elevator maintenance contracts. These include inspection and lubrication, partial service or full service. The more comprehensive a servicing contract, the higher the costs, and the more reliable your elevator will be.

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