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Solucore Inc. | A Professional Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm

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How to Improve Elevator Maintenance Program

There is always scope for elevator maintenance program to improve in case of inefficiency in maintenance, no modernization program, no matter how elaborate, will allow the system to perform effectively. At the times when the elevator service is substandard, managers must take help of consulting lift services and take deliberate steps to determine the exact cause of the service shortfall before making any decisions to repair, replace or modernize the system.

The first step in equal car performance analysis is to establish that if all elevators in a group are performing equally. In order to do that, managers can use a stopwatch and chart the time it takes each car to perform its various functions.

At the initial stage, measure how quickly each car’s doors open and close at each floor. Most passengers agree that an elevator’s doors should open as quickly as possible. However, the speed at which the doors may close is limited by elevator codes that prevent elevator doors from using more than 7 foot-pounds of kinetic energy and 30 pounds of thrust. Generally speaking, a 42-inch-wide, centre-opening, hollow metal door can be expected to close in 2.3 seconds. Lift consulting engineer are aware of this and will inform you the needful measures.

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