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Solucore Inc. | A Professional Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm

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How often are residential elevators inspected?

There are two types of elevator inspections. First, there are those inspections that are done by the DOB itself- or more likely, by contractors engaged by the DOB. One can notice framed documents inside elevators stating ‘inspected by – —-‘ along with the date are the results of such inspections. The second type of inspection can be the building’s own licensed agency or elevator contractor.

Escalator and maintenance specification states that elevators should be inspected five times in three years by the city and private agencies. In addition, under the current code, it is mentioned that elevators are required to have no-load safety test every two years, and a full load test every five years.

An inspection involves a detailed look at the entire elevator—the shaft, the motor room, the cab and the doors on every floor.  The inspection period varies on the basis of elevator maintenance services policies and lift maintenance contract. There are few dealing in multi maintenance contracts, inspects elevators every six months- checking the contracts and relays, making sure everything is working properly and lubricating the parts. They are bounded by the contract wherein he takes proper care and responsibility of the elevator maintenance.

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