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How To React When Stuck In An Elevator

There are just a handful of situations that are worse than being trapped in an elevator. It gets worse where one is afraid of confined spaces, strangers and heights. Unfortunately, elevators often stop with utter disregard to all these fears. They stop when one least expects - like when you are rushing for a meeting or even a job interview. This does not mean though that the world or your world in that moment has come to an end. Unless you are in a life or death situation, the best you can do is to call for help and be patient as you wait for someone to respond. As most elevator consultants put it, any attempt to escape may end up putting you in more danger. Here is what you should do.

Stay calm

This can be hard but it is ideally, the best and sometimes the only thing you can do. You will certainly feel the urge to panic which is normal. But try as much as possible to be calm. Take a deep breath and calm your body. Experts state that panicking often has a ripple effect. So if there are other people in the elevator, tension rises and puts everyone else at risk.

Find a source of light

If the lights are out, find a source of light. Use a key chain flash, your PDA, cell phone or even laptop if the elevator is dark. Creating light will make it easy for you to see buttons and get help you manage the situation calmly. Be keen though and ensure that you only keep your device on for as long as necessary. In other words, save your device’s battery. As you do this, try to figure out how many people are stuck in the elevator.

Press the call button

Press the call button and wait for help. The button will ring at the technician’s desk or at the reception. This will alert maintenance personnel of your situation. This is usually the quickest and most convenient way of asking for help when stuck in an elevator. If there is no response, check your phone for signal then call for help. If there is no response, press the alarm button until help arrives.

Press the door open button

This is sometimes all you have to do. It happens a lot, the main reason being the fact that the button jammed on its own. Most elevator technicians stationed at sky scrapers actually report this as the most common elevator hitch. You can also try the opposite – press the ‘door close’ button. It have jammed on its own as well.

Get the attention of anyone outside

It is possible to find yourself in a situation where you do not have a cell phone or anything on you to help you manage the situation. Shout loudly to try and get the attention of the people outside. Do not bang the elevator with your hands as this may hurt you. Use your shoes instead and bang the elevator door as you shout. Note that sound transmittance of the elevator door can make a huge difference in your plight to call for help. You can tap on the door firmly using a key or a key holder. This will make a loud sound through or a pitch though the elevator shaft. Note too that shouting excessively can end up creating more panic in the elevator. Your best bet is to therefore remain reasonably calm as you try to all for help.

Wait patiently

Sometimes, this is all you need to do. In most scenarios, the onsite technician or people walking by will notice that the elevator is out of service within minutes. You can therefore be sure that you will be out within a short time.




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