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Solucore Inc. | A Professional Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm

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Get Your Lift Checked and Avoid That Lawsuit!

It is surprising for many people to learn that the primary reason for most hospital visits is slip and fall claims. In addition, slip and fall claims are the most expensive and high occurring civil cases in the legal system. An individual filing a lawsuit for a slip and fall caused by inefficient mechanical lift maintenance stands to possibly make the defendant lose a lot of money.

If nothing else can convince you then let this convince you that maintaining lifts is very important. If a lift in your building or home were to drop suddenly with passengers in it and they have reason to believe that the malfunction was caused by lack of proper maintenance then you are facing a major lawsuit. And possibly jail time!

However, the fear of a lawsuit should not be the only reason to make you unsure that lifts are always serviced. Your elevator should undergo regular checks not only to keep all the people who use it safe but also to increase the efficiency of its operations. Get those experts and technicians to check your elevators as often as possible. Get your elevator checked after every six months if its passengers are only people and animals. If it is a freight elevator, ensure that you check it annually. It is truly worth the investment.

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