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Solucore Inc. | A Professional Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm

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Elevator expert witnesses: How they can get you out of sticky legal situations

Elevator failure brings about a lot of issues in terms of cost. When this happens to your building, you may have to replace all your elevators so as to increase confidence levels of the users of your elevators. This is especially so when the failure brings about some sort of mental or physical harm to people inside the elevator. However, the most alarming thing about such a failure isn’t the cost of replacing or repairing the failed elevators; it could be the cost of litigation.

These days, people take each other to court over just about anything. To protect yourself then, you have to ensure that you always keep your elevators well maintained at all times. However, accidents do happen and even the most well maintained elevator could fail, hurting people. In such a case, you may still be taken to court. One way of proving that you did all you could to prevent any danger is to get an elevator expert witness. Such a person will be able to explain to the court the exact status of your elevators. Although you may be the person in charge of the elevators, you may not know much about them, and therefore would need an expert witness to testify.

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