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Solucore Inc. | A Professional Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm

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Elevator Expert Witness: Providing Support in the Case of Accidents

If your elevator fails and there is an accident, you might want to hire an elevator expert witness to help ensure that the accident was not your fault. These experts are great to call in as they can help you determine what the cause of the elevators failure was. There are a number of reasons why an elevator may fail or could result in an accident and to help prevent any unnecessary costs to you. These experts utilize data as well as other safety code resources to help them determine the cause.

These professionals are highly trained to help find the root of the cause, and if they find that the accident was your fault, you may be fined and you will become responsible for any medical costs that the injured person incurs.

There are some cases where the root cause is not your fault and is at the fault of the company that maintains your elevators. Therefore it becomes their responsibility to cover all costs to repair your elevator as well as medical costs.

Hiring a professional elevator expert witness can help reduce costs you are responsible for and can also help prevent future accidents as necessary steps can be taken to take better care of elevators.

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