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Does Residential Elevators Require Regular Maintenance?

More and more homeowners are installing residential elevators in their buildings. This means that elevators are no longer solely commercial based. There are many reasons for which a homeowner might decide to include a lift in his or her home. For one, elevators offer better and more comfortable mobility for all that reside in a home. Once a homeowner decides to include a lift in his or her home, there are several things he or she needs to worry about for continued safe utilization and future of his or her machine. With this in mind, here are some tips for how often residential lifts require maintenance.  

Understanding the model

Similar to any other home appliances, there are a wide range of elevator models that can be opted for. Depending on your model, the company that installed it will give the owner tips on how best to care for it. There are also differences in the types of components that each model of elevator requires. Furthermore, some lifts and the components they require calls for more care than others do. This being the case, their owners require to keep track of the necessary upkeep so as to avoid unnecessary repair costs later on.

Maintenance time

While there are several factors that play into how often to do lift maintenance, there is an estimate of time that is normally given by the installation service provider. The standard time frame for elevator maintenance is 12 months. There are also a number of elevator models that require constant component changes and upkeep every few years or so.

Maintenance contract

The elevator installation firm you opt to can give you several options for how to upkeep the maintenance. In the installation contract, there will also be options for how often and the type of coverage the company can offer you. This enables you to pick and choose the kind of maintenance contract that best work for your requirements.


How often you require maintaining your elevator can also depend on where you are located. All cities around the country require all elevators to be regularly maintained so as to prevent unforeseen accidents. There are also specific requirements that your city might have concerning how to safely operate your residential lift. Your city might also have requirements concerning fees or permits to do with elevator maintenance.

Care for residential elevators goes far beyond the simple installation to a home. As listed above, the maintenance of residential lifts depend on a number of things. All these things make an impact on how often a residential building owner decides to keep up the maintenance.  A properly maintained residential lift is a wonderful appliance to have at your home. It is an investment that makes your home even more comfortable for you, your loved ones and even prospective buyers.

What happens if you do not properly maintain your elevator?

Like mentioned above, poorly maintained residential elevators results in all sorts of issues, including accidents. If an accident does occur, it is recommended to have a proper elevator accident investigation carried out by an expert. In this way, the exact cause of the accident can be determined for appropriate remedial action. Fortunately, residential lifts are extremely safe machines and that come with lots of back-up mechanisms to prevent accidents.

Whichever the case, residential elevators must adhere to a regular inspection and maintenance schedule as is mandated by law. Their owners also must comply with a list of requirements that range from posting no smoking signs to reporting accidents to the relevant local authorities. Substantial fines are normally levied for violations.

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