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Solucore Inc. | A Professional Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm

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Choose The Best Lift Maintenance Contract!

A famous quote states that knowledge is power, and the originator of these words was very right. There are people who get into contracts that do not favor them in any way, and end up getting the worst services, or they bind themselves to paying so much more than they can afford.

When it comes to lifts, this is the same case, and people must have the right information when entering into any of the contracts, since this can lead to savings, and a peace of mind. Most of the companies offering lift management contracts want you to commit to paying them the most money, since this is their business, whereas they have very affordable options, which can be good for you.

Building owners sign up for full maintenance contracts and these are usually the most expensive although the building owner has the most benefit. This agreement is where the company offering you these services takes up full responsibility for the functioning, repair and maintenance of the lifts, making it their responsibility in case anything goes wrong.

There is a contract where the company is responsible for specific parts of the elevator, which are usually those that require most repairs; however, the building owner is responsible for what is not covered by the agreement. There are contracts that only involve a company offering to lubricate the moving parts of the lift, or performing routine surveillance on the lifts. Get the best contract that will ensure safety and the most savings!

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