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Checklist during Elevator Maintenance

Passenger and freight elevators are powered by either electricity or a hydraulic pump. Because they are used to transport people, elevators must be strictly maintained and in working order. An elevator maintenance checklist should be comprehensive and cover the elevator car, the operational machinery and the cabling system. The main drive system should have its components checked for wear and lubrication, and the safety gear should also be checked. It is incredibly important to check the ropes that suspend the elevator for wear, or signs of breaking, as well as the backup safety ropes and the emergency braking system. The hydraulics should also be checked and oiled regularly so that the elevator runs smoothly.

One of the first items to inspect on an elevator maintenance checklist is the doors. The doors should open and close smoothly and with appropriate force. The second part of the elevator maintenance checklist should focus on the machine room. It is important that there is appropriate access to the room and that no equipment interferes with adequate headroom in the area.

The mechanical equipment on the top of the car must be inspected, including the wiring and pipes. The emergency doors in the hoist way must also be tested. The pit should be inspected for proper access, lighting and clearance.

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