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Solucore Inc. | A Professional Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm

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An elevator engineering job: What does it entail?

Understanding what is involved in any particular career path before hand is very important to everybody. For example, an elevator engineer has unique duties and responsibilities that encompass all things related to the smooth operation and running of a vertical transportation system, for example, an elevator. In essence, elevators are mostly found in both commercial and residential buildings for ease of transporting people and their baggage between the buildings’ floors. As the construction industry broadens and continues on an upward growth, the elevator engineering jobs will continue to grow too. Basically, only specialized experts should handle the elevators’ maintenance as these systems are quite safety critical and not every Tom and Dick can be able to mend or maintain them.

It should be noted that while designing the elevator’s systems, the engineers use the latest software technology, for instance most use CAD as it is both efficient and fast. Thus, whilst applying for an elevator engineering job, the prospective engineer must have some experience in it usage. A regular elevator’s maintenance work is a priority, as the system needs to be checked from time to time so as to assure the safety for users. Thus, the prospective engineers are required to have the basic maintenance skills in order to guarantee the elevator’s safety. Their experience may vary but they should have knowledge of gears, braking systems, the locks on the device that detects an overload, to name but a few.

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