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Lift and Elevator Services
Lift and Elevator Services

Our Services

Solucore Services and what makes us different

Solucore Inc. provides third party inspection and consulting services so that you can be sure that your elevators and escalators are properly and adequately installed and maintained for the safety and comfort of users and reliability of use at all times.

We offer a wide range of elevator consultant services, including:

We will also consult with you and meticulously design your new escalator and elevator system from scratch taking into account the type of business you run, the size of your client traffic base and your future plans for expansion.

We will observe, measure and review the quality of your current escalator and elevator systems and maintenance programmes and offer our critiques as to how to improve performance.


What exactly do we inspect?

Our unique and innovative inspections focus on:

With our in-depth reports you will have all the information you need to make the right and cost effective decisions required for installing the right size elevators and escalators for your needs as well as maintaining, modernizing, and servicing your current escalator and elevator systems.


How Solucore Inc.’s services can help you when things go wrong

Solucore Inc.’s services are totally independent of those offered by your regular elevator or escalator contractor.

In fact, we usually do not perform work ourselves but instead will oversee and verify the work of your contracted elevator/escalator company to ensure that all requested services are carried out effectively and that all appropriate legal codes and guidelines are followed during every step of the installation and maintenance process.

Solucore Inc. is the company to call in whenever you require an expert second opinion regarding the services your contractor is providing, or when problems arise with your contractor’s work.

We will advocate for you, offering expert advice and providing detailed, factual reports regarding any elevator and escalator problems or issues that arise in your building, as well as to suggest cost-effective ways to resolve them with minimal downtime.

There are no conflicts of interest between the expert opinions and information we offer and your elevator and escalator contractor since our objectives always are to offer you continuing peace of mind that your elevator and escalator systems are operating efficiently, effectively and at optimum safety.


How we came into being

As independent elevator and escalator consultants, the services offered by Solucore Inc. are highly innovative and unique in the industry.

Our company evolved out of consultations with numerous senior personnel in the property management sector who all emphasized the needs for qualified, independent specialist elevator and escalator inspectors to:

We customize our range of services according to the needs of each individual client and your specific circumstances.


Solucore Inc.’s expert personnel

All our licensed inspectors and engineers are highly qualified and have extensive practical experience working in the elevator and escalator industry.

We use state of the art technology and keep abreast of the latest innovations that allow us to examine and gain full insight into the operating dynamics of the engineering components that make up your vertical elevation and transportation systems.

This means we can carry out minutely detailed inspections and are able to evaluate how well your systems are being maintained.

We not only advise you on how to be sure that the maintenance schedule for your elevators and escalators meets or even exceeds the proper standards, but, at the same time, suggest steps you can take to make your maintenance plan more streamlined, efficient and cost effective.

With Solucore Inc. you can be sure of getting a meticulous and conscientious escalator and elevator inspection service that could even reduce your risks of liability.


Our technology

We use Soludex™ - a cutting edge evaluation and benchmarking tool that permits us to determine if your elevator and escalators are working to their optimum and safest performance, and suggests ways to improve operations.

We also work with e-volve™ - an internet-based elevator management software that permits you to review your escalator and elevator systems whenever you choose and immediately demarcates those that are not performing as they should.


Who uses Solucore Inc.’s services?

We serve a wide range of clients including:



To find out more about our progressive approach to elevator and escalator maintenance and assessment services, please contact our offices by:



Telephoning us on (416) 260-0555 or (905) 206-0555
Emailing us at sales@solucore.com
Faxing us at (905) 206-1996 or (905) 206-1996
Or contact us online to request more information.

At Solucore Inc., we value experience and knowledge because there is a discernable difference between practical and theoretical experience.

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As recognized leaders in the industry, we maintain a proactive approach towards growth and technology.

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