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Solucore Inc. | A Professional Elevator and Escalator Consulting Firm

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Reducing Elevator Accidents


Have you ever noticed when you get into an elevator that inspection dates are listed as well as other safety information? This is because you have a right to know that the elevator is in proper working order which can reduce the amount of accidents. However, there are some buildings where owners do not properly maintain their elevators which results in accidents.

Elevator accidents can result in a lot of money to fix and if a building owner is proved to be at fault then it becomes even more expensive since they have to compensate for medical bills of the person injured.

Accidents are the direct result of elevators not being maintained which might come from cables snapping or belts becoming worn out. These can result in elevators falling and causing serious accidents. Having your elevators maintained regularly helps prevent these accidents.

If accidents occur, passengers may even experience a lack of oxygen as getting them out becomes hard. This is true if elevators are stuck in between floors as it takes longer to get to them.

To help prevent injuries in your elevators, consider hiring a professional company to help with maintaining your elevator or escalator devices. You should also look into having a safety plan in place to help reduce the amount of costs on your part.

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